Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IRM and CLONAID™ - completely independent?? has the following FAQ:

    Where is Eve, the clone baby?
    The Raelian Movement is an organization which is completely independent from Clonaid. Clonaid is the name of a project (not a company), and it is managed by a raelian member named Dr. Brigitte Boisselier. Neither Rael nor the Raelian Movement bring any funds to it, and they have no relationship whatsoever with Clonaid, besides their moral support concerning the cloning technologies. For more details visit
    The International Raelian Movement (IRM) is NOT exactly completely independent from Clonaid.
    First, the websites and used to be registered under the name of a Raelian named Marc Lavoie at the same domain name provider (Go Daddy) as of 08 January 2003.

    Second, according to, "CLONAID™, [is the] the first human cloning company in the world, was founded in February 1997, by RAEL and a group of investors who created the Valiant Venture Ltd Corporation based in the Bahamas." It claims that during 2000, Rael officially handed everything over to Brigitte Boisselier following an American couple who came forward with extra funds to clone their deceased child. Meanwhile, Rael and IRM provided "moral" support by providing 50 or so volunteers from his movement to be surrogate mothers to the clones babies.

    The Clonaid Dream Team

    Third, the "scientific team" behind Clonaid was once accidentally released which included the names of only high ranking officials of IRM who were not necessarily trained as genetic engineers. Only one name, that of Damien Marsic is related to biotechnology, but even he denied any connections to Clonaid despite the fact that he has been the poster boy for Clonaid for years before the announcement of the birth of "Eve", the alleged first human clone. The company that used to supply Clonaid with embryonic fusion machines, BioFusion Tech Inc., was also owned and operated by a former high ranking IRM member named James Lee Sung-sik (who is incidentally now trying to sue Rael and IRM for fraud, illegal money transfer and many other charges).

    [update: In early 2016, Damien was excommunicated by Rael for denouncing Brigitte Boisselier as a hoaxer]

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      1. thanks a lot for this very clear article ... once again you have proven they are liars !